Many furniture experts agree that the Victorian period of 1837 to 1901 can be split into two periods where machinery was being used to make furniture more and more but only in the late Victorian period was machines used to mass produce Victorian desks. Until then, the carving was done by hand and the rich and affluent loved the new and invigorating styles that this period brought. Just look at the wonderful, original antique Victorian desks that are for sale below.

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The woods used in the Victorian period were mainly mahogany and rosewood but you can also find many Victorian desks made of oak because this wood was in abundance. The introduction of iron to furniture in the early Victorian period gave the furniture makers of this time new scope for new ideas. The styles of the Victorian age, were Arts and Crafts and the household name of Art Nouveau which is highly collectable today. Look out for Victorian pedestal desks and ladies writing desks.